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    High-Density Cabling System 自从25G以太网推出以来,其低成本和高效率优势已受到许多云计算提供商的青睐。因此,许多供应商着眼于提供多种25G产品,飞速(FS) 即为最早提供全系列25G产品的供应商之一。25G产品有交换机,模块,线缆等。现在,我们将为您介绍飞速(FS) 25G系列产品,便于您的选择与购买。
    Inventory of different warehouses is shown on the product page. If products in your order are temporarily out of stock in the local warehouse, the delivery may be delayed. In addition, product inventory changes in real time. Please refer to the live inventory displayed on the product page to get up to date information of stock levels when you place an order.When the inventory of one item can't meet your demand, don't worry. You can submit 'Request Stock' in the product page. A dedicated account manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible. The FS Inventory Management team will refer to your stock needs and optimize our inventory plan to try and meet your requirements for future orders.
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